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Client Case Studies


Las Positas College Athletic Dep.

XTREME Indoor Karting

Background - Xtreme Indoor Karting, South Florida’s newest indoor karting track, great for corporate entertainment as well as for those who have the need for speed. Xtreme’s indoor karting track is one of the longest and fastest in the State of Florida. Xtremes activities are created with your vision in mind. Whether you decide to take part in our Xtreme Karting races, play the newest arcade games out in the market, or cheer on your favorite person from the sideline, there are plenty of things to keep you on track and having fun!

The Challenge - The company wanted to design and implement an efficient cost control strategy to save money and reduce costs in a difficult economic climate.

The Business Goal - The goal was to incent and motivate Xtreme employees to cut cost while providing a improved customer experience. This would result in lower operational costs and contribute to the financial stability of the company while increasing employee morale. They also wanted to align employees to one of their key corporate objectives - ‘touching the bottom line through sales and cost savings’.

The Solution - Xtreme partnered with Gift and Save to launch Xtrrme Rewards – an online, dollar-based cost savings program. The program motivates employees to save the company money by rewarding them for such activities as negotiating contracts, getting better pricing from suppliers and reducing track and arcade expenses and insurence costs. Employees are awarded a monthly for thier efforts, which they can redeem for brand name products of their choice. All Xtreme employees have their own “Rewards Cash” online account where they can view and redeem their Rewards Cash at any time. Program administrators can track the company’s overall cost-savings and identify top savers in the company.

The Results - In just several months Xtreme surpassed their desired goals. Total dollars saved far exceed managemetns expections. The number of savings submissions made by employees greatly increased, demonstrating employee engagement. Employees now drive corporate cost-savings.

Observations - Your employees are the best source for cost-savings initiatives because they are at the front line of your business – they see how much is spent, what it’s spent on and how they can negotiate or reduce the cost. By rewarding employees for performing cost-savings activities, you motivate them to repeat the positive behavior and continue to look for greater opportunities to save. Give your employees the opportunity to directly contribute the company’s bottom line.

Cuyamaca College

Grossmont College