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Gift and Save was created to allow our Clients to capitalize on one of today’s leading rewards and incentive providers which currently caters mainly to large fortune 500 companies. By leveraging years of ground work and over one hundred employees dedicated to providing value to recipients , Gift and Save is able to focus on small and medium sized businesses with the need to reward or incentivize, but do not have a dedicated budget for such a program. Our rewards and incentives are extremely flexible and have been utilized to reward and/or incentivize employees, independent representatives, customers, listeners, donors and a plethora of others to date.

Gift and Saves flexible IT architecture allows us to offer our programs to the marketplace at a very reasonable cost. Through the use of our unique Rewards Cash and years of relationships with thousands of brand name hotels, hundreds of the top retailers, brand name product manufacturers, entertainment companies, restaurants and services which have all agreed to pricing that is not available anywhere else.

Gift and Save stimulates your recipients with instant rewards delivering a defined value proposition for a fraction of the cost of traditional points programs. In most programs, a consumer would have to spend $30,000 on their credit card to earn $300 in value. What sets us apart from other rewards and incentive programs is our dedication to providing savings when recipients utilize the program. A full time staff is dedicated to ensuring that each and every recipient actually saves when they use the program.

At the foundation of our proven concept is our rewards currency, which can be awarded in increments specific your needs. The name of the rewards currency can be customized using any nomenclature. For example:

  • Reward Dollars
  • Reward Cash
  • Shopping Dollars
  • Shopping Credits
  • Travel Credits
  • Bonus Bucks
  • Savings Dollars

This exciting new currency, which is branded in your name, gives your recipients tremendous discounts by using their rewards currency as partial payment towards the purchase of Travel, Gift Cards, Entertainment, Dining and Merchandise. The rewards currency is always applied to the lowest price in the market for each redemption choice.

Typical, loyalty and incentive programs tend to be complicated. They require extended time to be implemented, are expensive and often do not provide the customer with compelling incentives to change behavior patterns. With thousands of redemption options to choose from, savings can vary by category when using the program. Here are just a few examples of category savings;

  • Hotels — over 40%
  • DVDs — 50%
  • Software — 90%
  • Magazines — 60%
  • Gift Cards — 15%
  • Movie Tickets — 40%