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One to the principal fund raising myth is: It's common knowledge that corporations and foundations give most of the money to non-profit organizations. In reality, it is much to the contrary, the principal fund raising truth is:  You go, where the money you think you can get is to be found and is in the greatest quantities and most of the time that means you look to the individual contributor which is perfect for utilizing Gift and Saves program.

Gift and Save Charitable incentive programs engage participants and achieve results that will recognize participants' generosity while delivering a high return on investment. With our online based solutions, each incentive program is customized to reflect your corporate branding, culture and specific goals. We offer customized incentive program solutions to fit your specific needs. Our incentive programs can be designed to help any organization reach its specific goals while producing a high return on its efforts and investment. 

Individuals are the main source contributions in America. Most successful fund-raising campaigns receive from 70 to 80 percent of their money from individuals. They are the most flexible and spontaneous givers. Unlike corporations, foundations, and governmental entities, individuals are able to make a decision on the spot, and if they want, they can choose to put all their eggs in one basket. Joe Smith can reach for his checkbook a lot faster than the Metropolis Community Foundation with its rigid timetables and layers of committee meetings, and Mr. Smith has no requirement to spread his charitable contributions among a variety of worthwhile causes. So join today and incentivize your individual donors with a gift back from you and Gift and Save. 

Every fund-raising campaign requires you to examine the cause you are touting, the arguments you have marshaled in support of it, and the people and means available to present those arguments. Your analysis of the best possible fund-raising sources is dependent on the cause for which you are seeking money, and the ways in which you are going after it. Gift and Save can give you that edge your need to sway the donors decision making process. 

We currently have many charities which utilize Gift and Save to generously reward their Donors. One such program offers Donors ten times the donation made in Gift and Save Rewards Cash. Thus a individual which donates $50 to the cause gets $500 of Rewards Cash from the Charity and Gift and Save. This particular program allows the Donor to contribute $50 and to literally save $500 in the future by utilizing the program benefits. Typically savings are made on items that would have been purchased regardless of the contribution made.  The Charity wins and the Donors truly feel appreciated.