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By using Gift and Save, your recipients will know that they are appreciated and that their loyalty will be rewarded. That’s what relationship management is all about. Rewarding them for their loyalty lets them know you appreciate your relationship with them. 

Your rewards and incentive program is more than just a way to let your recipients know that you appreciate them. It harnesses their monetary power and influences their habits. Your program should encourage them to tell others about you. 

When you choose Gift and Save, you’ll receive a completely customized program tailored to your specific needs. Then, we'll help you integrate it. After that, we'll work with you to take care of the entire day-to-day program management and reward fulfillment. 

Gift and Save  makes it easy to execute and manage your program. In fact we do almost all the work to get it launched and manage it day to day. Our level of involvement and the simplicity of our program will not require a large number of resources on your part. When you become a client, we assemble a dedicated multi-disciplinary team to provide proactive leadership and work in partnership with you to achieve your business goals. 

Your team will consist of an account leader, a creative/art director, copywriter as well as a very experienced technology development team. Your team will react quickly to ensure the highest quality and fastest turnaround on your project. You'll also benefit from the efficiency of our in-house graphics studio, digital recording specialists and multi location customer service centers. 

Our methodology is based on the approach that every deployment or interaction is a test that we can measure, learn and refine. Gift and Save provides a “branded” customer service experience for all clients as part of the program management. 

Our Programs are extremely flexible and can be paid for by the Client or paid by the recipient at time of set up. If the recipient is to pay you can collect the monies or we can collect it for you.  We offer the ability to import batch files of recipients or issue PIN numbers for one by one signup. The combinations a of configurations limitless. Clients are able to provide our rewards in a number of fashions; 

  • Clients can direct recipients to their portal site where they can signup and instantly receive rewards;
  • Clients can import recipients which then simply access the Portal site via their email address;
  • Clients can issue a PIN number to recipients for them to use to access a pre arranged account.

We also offer the ability for the donor to select a sub-group within an organization to direct his or her donations to. Donations can be one time or ongoing.  

Engage them like never before!

  • Over 22% of all active users in our program login monthly
  • Each unique visitor averages 1.5 visits monthly
  • Each visit averages 22 minutes in duration
  • Each visit averages 80 page views

These type of statistics prove that recipients of our Rewards and Incentives actually use them.