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Term and Conditions

Destination Rewards, Inc. ("Program Manager") is a service provider for this Gift and Save Program; contact information for the Program Manager is available at Gift and Save Websites.  


1. The Gift and Save (the "Program") is offered to certain Gift and Save, Inc. Customers, including you ("you") at the sole discretion of Destination Rewards, Inc. Subject to these terms and conditions, you will receive savings coupons (Gift and Save Rewards) to be used towards the purchase of goods or services from participating merchants through Gift and Save Websites. The Program or any portion thereof may be revised or terminated with 30 days prior written notice. If the Program is terminated, you will only have 90 days from the termination date to use all of your accumulated Gift and Save Rewards. All Program offers, including the participating merchants are subject to availability and may change without notice. You may access continuously updated Terms and Conditions of the Gift and Save Program at Gift and Save Websites ("website" or "Program website").

2. An online account ("Program Account") will be set up to record your activity in the Program, including the amount of Gift and Save Rewards you may have accumulated. Gift and Save Rewards will be deposited in your Program Account directly by Destination Rewards, Inc.. You may accumulate Gift and Save Rewards as long as your Destination Rewards, Inc. Account is open and not in default at any time. If your Account is closed for any reason, you will not be eligible to accumulate Gift and Save Rewards. To activate your Program Account you must complete a customer profile at Gift and Save Websites. Once you submit your profile, you consent to be bound by all the terms and conditions as stated herein. You further signify agreement to these terms and conditions (as they may be modified from time to time) when you make any purchase through the Program.

3. Gift and Save Rewards has no cash value, may not be assigned, transferred and/or pledged to any third party. You have no property rights or other legal interests in Gift and Save Rewards. You are responsible for any personal tax liability that may be related to the participation in the Program.

4. Destination Rewards, Inc. has the right to monitor all Program Account activity. If your Program Account shows signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity, you may lose your accumulated Gift and Save Rewards, and, as a result of this activity, Destination Rewards, Inc. may close your Program Account immediately. If you have conducted any fraudulent activity, Destination Rewards, Inc. reserves the right to take any necessary legal action and may have grounds to confiscate any goods or services purchased as a result of such activity. In addition, you may be liable for monetary losses to Destination Rewards, Inc., including litigation costs and damages, and you will not be allowed to participate in the Program in the future. If your Program Account does not represent the correct amount of Gift and Save Rewards that you should have been awarded as determined by Destination Rewards, Inc., Destination Rewards, Inc. reserves the right to adjust your Gift and Save Rewards balance. If you have been given Gift and Save Rewards in error or if you believe your Program Account has been the subject of any suspicious activity, please contact the Gift and Save Service Center immediately. If it is determined you have been the victim of a fraud, the amount of Gift and Save Rewards you have received will be transferred into a new Program Account.

5. Destination Rewards, Inc., its affiliates, the Program Manager, and any merchants participating in the Program make no guarantees, warranties or representations of any kind concerning Program offers available. All offers from participating merchants are void where prohibited by applicable federal, state or local laws or regulations and are subject to change as may be necessary to comply with such laws or regulations. You release Destination Rewards, Inc., its affiliates, the Program Manager, and any merchants participating in the Program from all liability regarding the purchase and use of any goods or services from participating merchants as part of the Program, including any goods that may be lost, stolen or destroyed. All participating merchants are in no way affiliated with or responsible for Program administration.


1. You may accumulate Gift and Save Rewards on a monthly basis. 
2. There is no limit to the amount of Gift and Save Rewards you may accumulate.

USING Gift and Save Rewards

1. You may use your Gift and Save Rewards for savings from participating merchants only by purchases made through Gift and Save Websites. Gift and Save Rewards may only be used to pay for a portion of the total charges at each participating merchant. The entire remaining balance of charges for any goods and services, including any related taxes, shipping charges and/or applicable fees, from a participating merchant must be charged at the time of transaction to a credit card. Please refer to Gift and Save Websites for the current pricing of goods and services and the amount of Gift and Save Rewards that can be used to purchase them at participating merchants. Upon confirmation and full payment, the amount of Gift and Save Rewards you have used will be subtracted from your Program Account.

2. Gift and Save may not be combined with or applied to other certificates, promotions or special offers, special rate programs, including, but not limited to: Upgrades, tours/travel packages, group, internet, convention/company meeting, senior rates, companion rates, 3rd or 4th person rates, student or child rates, early bookings or value added price programs or repeat passenger or repeat guest programs, or industry discounts.

3. All transactions after your initial purchase, including but not limited to revisions and cancellations, if allowed and subject to all fees, must be carried out through the website at Gift and Save Websites or by calling the Gift and Save Service Center at 1-866-25REWARDS.

4. Terms, cancellation policies, hotel/condo or resort or other merchant participation are subject to change without notice. There are no refunds, exchanges, replacements or conversions for currency, credit or rewards for no-shows or unused amounts of Gift and Save Rewards. In some cases, there may be changes in circumstances that are beyond the control of Program Manager, and/or its affiliates. Accordingly, Program Manager and/or its affiliates reserve the right to substitute the components and suppliers of the offer should circumstances so require.

5. Depending on the types of goods or services purchased through the program, certain limitations and restrictions may apply. Shipping times may vary based on actual product and orders may arrive in more than one package and at different times. Merchandise may only be shipped within the United States. Shipping to Canada and Puerto Rico may be available and is subject to an additional shipping fee. Magazine subscriptions are only available in the 48 contiguous United States. Please allow up to twelve (12) weeks for magazine subscriptions to begin. Applicable sales tax may apply

6. You may cancel an order for a non-travel related product purchased through the Program only by calling the Gift and Save Service Center at 1-866-25REWARDS during operating hours on the same day you made the order. After that time, your order cannot be cancelled or changed, and is completely non-refundable. To return any damaged products or if you receive defective or damaged merchandise you may return your item for replacement or refund within 30 days of receipt of the product. For assistance contact Gift and Save Service Center at 1-866-25REWARDS or.


1. Program Manager, its agents, assignees and designees, act only as order processors for the hotels/condos, resorts, cruise lines, airlines and certain other suppliers. Destination Rewards, Inc., Program Manager, and their respective affiliates, agents, assignees, and designees do not assume any liability or responsibility for damage, expense, inconvenience, injury, accident, death or damage to any persons or property, whatsoever, with respect to any supplier or at any hotel/condo, resort, or on any ship or aircraft, or in transit to and from said venues. Nor will Destination Rewards, Inc., Program Manager, and their respective affiliates, agents, assignees, and designees assume any liability or be responsible in any way for any damage, expense or inconvenience due to cancellations or delays due to weather or mechanical breakdowns, or arising from war, acts of God or acts of terrorism.

2. Neither Destination Rewards, Inc. nor Program Manager, nor any of their affiliates or suppliers will have any liability whatsoever for purchases made in good faith by individuals who claim to have authority to act on your behalf.

3. Destination Rewards, Inc., Program Manager and/or their affiliates shall not be liable for errors or omissions by their employees or agents in interpreting or in carrying out the terms of this Program.

4. Neither Destination Rewards, Inc., nor Program Manager, nor any of their affiliates, nor any supplier to the Program will have any liability whatsoever for any loss, damage, expense, non-performance, consequential or special damages, accident or injury incurred in the course of a Program participant's use of any good or service received through the Program or as a result of any defect in or failure of such rewards. Destination Rewards, Inc., Program Manager, and/or their affiliates make no guarantees, warranties or representations of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to the goods or services offered by any supplier and specifically disclaim any implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


1. Gift cards/certificates are subject to the terms and conditions set by the merchants who issue the gift cards/certificates. The terms and conditions are provided to us by those merchants and are their responsibility. Expiration policies and non-usage fees may apply; however, expiration will occur no earlier than 12 months from the date of purchase. For further details, please review the information on the page featuring the gift card/certificate you wish to purchase.

2. Gift cards/certificates may not be cancelled or returned. Gift cards/certificates should be treated like cash; no refunds or replacements will be provided for lost or stolen gift cards/certificates.


1. The Gift and Save may be used for saving for hotel/condo and other travel reservations depending on factors including, but not limited to, the location, length of stay and desired travel dates. Gift and Save Rewards is applied to the most competitive, unrestricted published prices offered directly from participating hotel/condos, resorts, and cruise lines. Gift and Save Rewards is applied at the time of transaction for instant savings at the point of purchase.

2. In general, when a transaction includes travel, one of the travelers must be at least 18 years of age and must have a major credit card in his/her name at the time of check-in to cover any incidental charges incurred during the stay. The actual minimum age requirement is always determined by the travel supplier and may vary. It is the sole responsibility of the traveler to verify minimum age requirements.

3. It is your responsibility to review and verify the accuracy of all documents and correspondence with regard to names, dates, and room and/or cabin category. You will be responsible for any errors or omissions not brought to the attention of Program Manager within 24 hours of receipt of those documents or email confirmation.

4. It is the sole responsibility of the traveler to determine and obtain all necessary documentation required for travel. Travelers are responsible to know what legal documents are needed to enter different countries.

5. All reservations are based on availability and are limited to what is available for booking on the Program website at the time of transaction.

6. Transportation to/from the hotel/condo, cruise, airport, or resort, if required, is not included. Prices displayed on the Program website DO NOT include, merely by way of example and without limitation, any applicable hotel/condo service or resort fees, charges for optional incidentals (such as mini-bar snacks or telephone calls), fuel surcharges or regulatory surcharges. The supplier will assess these fees, charges and surcharges either at check-in or upon checkout.

7. Tax Recovery Charge: Taxes charged on Program Manager are a recovery of applicable transaction taxes (e.g., sales and use, occupancy, room tax, excise tax, value added tax, airport surcharges, airport fees, etc.) that Program Manager pays to the vendors (e.g., hotels/condos, airlines, etc.) in connection with the purchase.


1. Hotel/Condo cancellation and refund policies along with cancellation fees, if applicable, vary by travel supplier and will be disclosed at the time of booking.

2. For hotel/condo and resort reservations the traveler must present a copy of the Hotel/Condo Confirmation Check-In Voucher at check-in. The traveler may be denied check-in without this document. If you need additional copies of the confirmation before traveling please visit the My Account section on the Program website. Any of your pending confirmations may be viewed and printed.


Cruise cancellation and refund policies along with cancellation fees, if applicable, vary by travel supplier. For an overview of information for respective cruise line cancellation policies, please click on the More Info option on the cruise page. It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to be familiar with the penalties assessed for cancellation. In addition to any fees assessed by the cruise line, once a cruised has been booked and paid for, a $50 administrative fee will apply for all cancellations for any reason. Cancellation charges subject to change without notice.


. All airline tickets booked using Gift and Save are non-refundable, nontransferable, and non-endorseable. Name changes are not permitted. Any changes to an existing airline reservation will result in penalties or change fees assessed by the airline and travel supplier, paid to Program Manager or its designee.

2. For information regarding airline liability limitations, cancellations, flight interruptions, no-shows, baggage limitations and liability, and any other regulations, including those of the Warsaw Convention, please consult your air carrier as such regulations, policies, and procedures are not the responsibility of the Program Manager or Destination Rewards, Inc.. Flight cancellations and interruptions and oversold flights are outside of the control of the Program Manager and Destination Rewards, Inc.. These situations must be addressed by the applicable air carrier and may be subject to Federal or State regulations. Fares are not guaranteed until ticketed. It is recommended that travel insurance be purchased.

3. Airfares are not guaranteed until ticketed.

4. The recipient agrees to abide by all terms and conditions of purchase applicable to the travel supplier with whom recipient deals through the Website. Air carriers are required to make available to the public the terms of their contract of carriage. In addition, while traveling, travelers must comply with all FAA rules and regulations as well as airline policies, as applicable. Failure to do so may result in loss of privileges. Program Manager and its affiliates will not be responsible for any damages suffered by travelers as a result of any such failure.

5. Non-US Destinations: International Travel - US and foreign government imposed charges will be added to your final airline ticket cost. The amount varies depending on routing and destination.

6. Non-US Destinations: International Travel - Some countries charge a separate departure tax that is collected at the departure airport and may have to be paid in local currency. This tax is not included in your ticket price.

7. If you believe you should be awarded frequent flyer miles for a flight purchased through the Program website, please contact your air carrier and provide them with your frequent flyer number. The proper awarding of frequent flyer miles is not the responsibility of Program Manager or Destination Rewards, Inc.. The applicability of frequent flyer mileage credit is at the sole discretion of the air carrier.


Destination Rewards, Inc. is a registered seller of travel in California, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Nevada and Washington under each state's seller of travel regulations.

State Seller of Travel Registration Numbers for Destination Rewards, Inc.:  
California registration number: 2067889-50 (Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by California. Destination Rewards, Inc. is not a participant in the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund. California law requires that certain sellers of travel have a trust account or bond. Destination Rewards, Inc. has a bond issued by Beach City Bonds in the amount of $5000).  
Florida registration number: ST-35620  
Hawaii registration number: TAR- 6545
Iowa registration number: 762  
Nevada registration number: 2003-0378

NEVADA RECOVERY FUND FOR CONSUMERS DAMAGED BY SELLERS OF TRAVEL - You may be eligible for payment from the Recovery Fund if you have paid money to a seller of travel registered in this state for the purchase of travel services or a vacation certificate and you have suffered certain financial damages as a result of the transaction. To obtain information relating to your rights under the Recovery Fund and filing a claim for recovery from the Recovery Fund, you may contact the Consumer Affairs Division of the Department of Business and Industry at the following locations:


1850 East Sahara Avenue  
Suite 101  
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104  
Phone: 702.486.7355  
Fax: 702.486.7371  


4600 Keitzke Lane  
Building B, Suite 113  
Reno, Nevada 89502  
Phone: 775.688.1800  
Fax: 775.688.1803  

Washington registration number: 602-338-670